How A Donation Pick Up Changes Senior Citizens Life

It’s never easy moving from familiar surroundings to a new home. It’s especially true for the elderly. Suddenly they are leaving the house, often the one they raised their family in. When seniors are forced or choose to move, it’s usually to live with family or a nursing home. Space is limited, and there isn’t room for many of their belongings. When seniors unexpectedly change someone’s life with a simple donation pick up.

What to Do with Furniture

Over the years, seniors can accumulate rooms full of furniture. The style and quality will vary, but there is one thing that the furniture seems to have in common. It well cared for, even with some wear and tear. For many people, the chance to own even a couch or a bed frame is something remarkable.

All of a sudden, they have the furniture that helps to make a house a home. Seniors that have lived through the Great Depression and other “hard times” understand how important a simple piece of furniture can be too someone that is struggling. For seniors, the knowledge that they were able to help someone else can lessen the pain of giving up some of their belongings.

Accumulated Knick-Knacks

These small items often called knick-knacks might not have the special meaning it does for seniors, but this doesn’t mean that others won’t appreciate them. These items often tell the story of a senior citizen’s life. The accumulated knick-knacks might show where someone has traveled or mark specific events throughout their life.

When it’s time for the elderly to downsize, these items represent their lives. When they schedule a donation pick up, seniors want to know that their “treasures” are going to someone that will appreciate them. There is no shortage of people looking to own something from the past.

Some of these items could even be antiques. Crystal vases and porcelain figurines could be dated back through generations. Imagine the stories that come with pieces like these. Senior residents are usually more than willing to share the stories that come with the pieces.

Not only do the recipients of the donation pick up want to know the stories that come with each piece. Now,  seniors have the opportunity to connect with someone, and the same individual gets to go home with a part of history. For the elderly that often feel forgotten about, a simple donation pick up can make them feel alive and appreciated again.

There Are A Lot of Dishes

When seniors are moving to a smaller place, they suddenly realize that they have more dishes than they need. Some are family sets, passed down through generations. Others are presents from friends and family members. However, no matter how it’s looked at, there are way too many dishes for a smaller place.

Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in inheriting their great-grandmother’s china. The same also applies to their parents’ wedding dishes. As the elderly are packing up their homes, they realize that china cabinets and other storage spaces won’t be available. Now it’s time to schedule a donation pick-up.

There’s no shortage of people interested in old dishes. Some families also just need plates, bowls, cups, and saucers to have a meal on something other than paper or plastic. Once again, the smallest items like dishes can make a house seem more like home. Its something that seniors understand and give them a sense that their scheduled donation pick up made a difference in someone’s life.

Donations by Seniors are Changing People’s Lives

It doesn’t matter if the donation pick-up arranged by a senior or a relative with power of attorney. The most important thing is that someone benefits. In most cases, seniors do not know the recipient, but the feeling of knowing that a well-loved or familiar item is helping someone else is an indescribable feeling. Even in their golden years, senior citizens still appreciate being also needed if it’s only for their donations. It’s a situation where everyone wins.


Scheduling a donation pick up isn’t difficult. Seniors or those with power of attorney have plenty of options. You can choose the date and time. Some organizations even let seniors know where their donations are going. Whether an elderly citizen knows who the beneficiary is or not, one thing remains the same. Whoever receives the furniture, knick-knacks, or dishes will appreciate and cherish the items like the previous owner.

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how a donation pick up changes senior citizens life

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