Fun Games For The Elderly

As a person ages, they must stay active and keep their mind sharp. One of the best ways to stay mentally alert and interact with others is by playing games. It does not matter the setting as long as the game is entertaining, and the senior has some good company playing games that can be fun.

Games for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

Bingo is a favorite game among seniors, and nursing homes offer plenty of bingo games. There are enough seniors around to play and make the game enjoyable. This game is also appealing to the masses. This game is fun, and it does get intense as a person waits for bingo. There are many variations of bingo to keep things interesting. Puzzles are also fun to do with other people. There are larger puzzle pieces designed for those that may have some trouble seeing the tiny one. Seniors can work together and help each other out to complete the puzzle.

Video games also featured in nursing homes for seniors to play. These games are interactive and will help a senior get up and move. The Nintendo Wii has many interactive games, including Wii Sports. Seniors can have bowling competitions. This will get them up and running and will keep their mind busy. This system is easy to use, and the controllers will allow a senior to become active even if they are in the nursing home.

Board Games for the Elderly

There are some board games for the elderly to keep them active and entertained. Board games can be a lot of fun and will keep the mind sharp. There are some great board games that the elderly can play. Scrabble is now made in a large print so that the seniors can see the letters and can see the words they are making. Pictionary is another fun game. A senior does not need the best drawing skills to play. It is more fun trying to guess the picture. Chess is a game that requires thinking and planning. This is a great way to keep the senior’s mind active. It can be challenging and will keep them thinking. This is great for cognitive functioning. This will allow an older adult to have some fun interactions with their friends or even their family. Even a game such as a monopoly can be fun. This game may require a little more thinking, but it will help keep the mind sharp and will take some time to complete.

Board Games For Elderly with Dementia

An indoor beanbag toss can be fun for a senior with dementia. There is no pressure to remember anything, and the game is interactive.

A senior can play with their grandchild, and they can also play from a seated position if needed. To make this game a little more challenging, a person can keep score. They will earn points, and this will help keep the mind sharp.

Stacking games such as Jinga can also be fun for a senior with dementia. The stacking and thinking about the next move can keep the mind active. A senior can play with others and see how long they can last without knowing down the tower. It can be just as much fun to build it up again.

Free Games for Seniors

There are some free games for seniors to play. Some websites will allow a senior to improve their mental health. These can be downloaded on an app so that the senior can see them. Scrabble is a popular app with older people. They can also complete crossword puzzles to keep the mind bust. There are online games that can be found for the senior for free on the AARP site. This will allow seniors to keep their minds busy. Senior centers offer board games and other games for free. Seniors can play together and interact without having to spend money, which is good since most seniors live on a limited budget. These are some of the best games for the elderly that can be accessed at home.

Best Brain Games for Seniors

Brain games keep there mind functioning, allowing seniors to have functional cognitive abilities. Some games will keep the brain sharp and will make the senior think. The acute brain is a site that has different brain teasers and will make the senior think. There are riddles to solve and other tasks that will require thinking and explaining. This is an online game. There are some offline games for seniors to play. A crossword puzzle will make the senior think of the worlds and if they will fit into the specific spaces provided. Sudoku is a game that will make the senior think. They will need to find the numbers that fit into the correct boxes and will need to exercise their brain.

Outdoor Backyard Games for Senior Citizens  

Spending time outdoors in the backyard is good for the body and good for the mind. Getting outside and moving around can improve mood and mental sharpness. There are some great outdoor games that seniors can enjoy. Fishing may not be a game, but it is a great outdoor activity. Fishing does not require a lot of physical exertion, but it is an excellent pastime for many people. An older person can teach their grandkids to fish, which will help them be active and build memories. A putting green can be a fun outdoor game. This will allow the seniors to test their skills and get them outdoors. On a beautiful day, it is even fun to take a pack of cards or a board game outside to the backyard to get some fresh air.


These are some of the best games for the elderly. Allowing the senior to become social and active. Games will allow an older person to remain mentally sharp and will give them the chance to interact with others.

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