What to Look for in a Nursing Homes Near Me

If a loved one is going to need care and more care than the family can provide, it may be time to research a nursing home. When looking for nursing homes near me, it is essential to find one with a great location and one that will provide quality care to the older adult. There are some things to look for when researching nursing homes near me.

Nursing Home Online Search

When looking for nursing homes near me, begin with an internet search. It can be done for home and check out the local nursing homes.  You can also start with the Medicare Nursing Home Compare that will rate the nursing homes from one to five stars. This will be based on the care that they provide and the quality of the house. You can also read the Pro Publica Nursing Home Inspect. This information published by a non-profit organization that will investigate the nursing home. They will use data from government reports and other sources to put together information about the nursing home and rank it.

Watch the Numbers

While the rating can be beneficial just because a nursing home has five stars does not mean it is perfect. Some of the nursing homes may get five stars, but the rating of the staff may only be two stars. A two-star home can have a team that is rated five stars. The numbers may be misleading. If the nursing home did receive a five-star rating, there might be a waiting list to get a room. This is something to consider, while grades are essential to be sure to read the scores in all of the different categories instead of just on the overall rating.

Look at the Inspection Reports

Some illnesses and bacteria may be present in a nursing home that may not always be reported. This is why it is essential to ask to see the inspection reports. This information can be found in the news, including the incidents of illnesses.

Ask About Safety

Nursing homes are used to dealing with residents that are ill. Do not be afraid to ask what is done to help protect these residents. This can include any measures that are being used for fall prevention and prevention from other hazards. You should also ask about emergency procedures and what is done in case of a medical emergency. There should be qualified and licensed staff to help assist and lead during medical emergencies.

Stay Close

If you do not know where to begin from this point, start with the nursing homes that are close to home. This will allow you to visit your loved one often and be there if they need you.  It will make it easy for the family, but will also make it easy for the person in the nursing home. Having frequent visitors can keep their spirits in good standing. It will also show the employees that someone cares about this person, and the care that they are getting will be carefully monitored.

Visiting the Nursing Home

Once a nursing home is located, that has an excellent rating, and its close by it is time to visit. While online information is useful, you cannot make the decision based on this information alone.  Also, pay attention to detail when visiting the nursing home.


When visiting and there is resident out and about take note of their grooming. They should have clean hair and nails. The clothing of the residents should be cleaned. You need to look at the nursing home and see if it is decent too. There should not be dense layers of dust around, and the floors should be clean.  The residents and the nursing home itself should be clean and show that the staff cares and will do their job.

Observe the Staff

The staff should be clean and professional too. Watch the way that the team and the residents interact. They should treat the people in the nursing home with care and respect. The staff should know the names of the people in their facility. If they are not attentive and kind to the residents, this can be a warning sign that the nursing home is not the right choice.


These are some things that you need to look for when having to make the tough choice to put a loved one in a nursing home. There may be medical and care needs that the family is not able to provide for their loved ones.  When looking for nursing homes near me, it is vital to make sure your elders will receive the best possible care and respect.

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