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There are many options for senior living options near me that will meet the specific needs of a senior.

Welcome to elderly authority. Today our goal is to educate and inform readers about senior living options. If you are a family member of an older person, you may be interested in senior living options near me. There are plenty of alternatives to senior living that will allow you to have your needs met while still allowing you independence. Many great senior living options near may be explored.

Retirement Housing

Retirement housing is usually open to those ages 55 and above that are still in good health and want to remain independent. This will allow you to live in your own home, and everyone in the community is older. There are often clubhouses and other recreational areas for those that want to be social and active. Engage with others in the community while still having your car, friends, and family can come to visit based on your schedule.

You will be able to come and go when you feel like it. If you are entering your retirement and want to be active, this may be the right choice. There are restrictions for this community. There are quiet hours. This is good if you are looking to relax and retire in peace. You will not have to deal with noise from young families. You can still have grandchildren over to play then send them on home to enjoy some peace.

Senior Apartments

There are some benefits to living in senior apartments. You will have your own living space, but there are some everyday items. You can go to the dining hall for a meal, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. If you no longer drive, there is often transportation to stores and other places in the community. You can talk with other seniors at a pool and other sites where socialization is encouraged. You can also get housekeeping services if you need some help in this area.

Some apartments allow those ages 55 and above, while others may require that a senior be at least 62 before they can live there. Many seniors in the apartments want to live independently and are in good general health. There might be some in-home support services available if you were to need some additional support. You will still be able to come and go as you please.

Retirement Communities

There are different types of retirement communities. Some of the neighborhoods feature smaller condos, while others are single standing homes. These homes can be purchased or rented. There are additional fees to living in this community. You will need to pay for a clubhouse, transportation, and landscaping. The good thing is you will not have to mow your lawn or shovel snow again. There will be a staff that will handle this for you.

You will need to pay for this housing out of your funds. The homes are usually closer together, so there may be restrictions for pets and other areas. Most of the people that live here are active and independent. There may be additional care in the area for those that need it and those that require essential medical services. There are usually activities for the residents to engage themselves. These are for people that want to enjoy their retirement and remain social. There is also the chance to meet new people to go out with that are looking for the same thing.

Senior Cohousing

Senior cohousing will allow residents to share a home which will reduce the price they would pay for the senior house. These homes are often in neighborhoods and are near entertainment centers. You will share the household expense with another. The home is governed by a homeowners’ association and will allow seniors to live together.

Some of these communities may offer independent living assistance, but they do not provide around the clock medical care.  Many people are healthy, and they are independent, but there is some additional care available if needed. The price is usually lower since you are splitting the cost with someone else.

Long Term Care Facilities

If you need assistance with your daily living activities or if you need some medical aid, this may be the right choice for you.  You can remain active and can spend years living in this type of community.

There are different types of facilities that you can look into based on your medical needs and the amount of care that you need.  Some of the facilities offer minimal supervision, while others will have nurses on staff to help the residents.

Assisted Living Centers

These centers will help you if you need help with daily tasks but do not require intensive medical care. You may be able to get some skilled care if required. Assisted living centers may not only house seniors. Some of these homes may have others that have medical needs that require additional assistance.

There may be some senior living options near me homes that are designed for seniors only, so this is something you need to check on. Most people that live in these centers need help with necessary skills such as dressing and bathing. There is 24-hour supervision for safety. You will be able to get some additional assistance, but you will still have the privacy that you need.

In-home Senior Care

If you are looking to stay in your home, this is a good option for you. You can have a medical professional come to your home for a couple of hours to help with specific tasks, or you can have people with you 24/7, depending on your medical needs. If your family is not able to take care of you, this may be an option if you have significant medical needs, then you may want to look at another option.

This is good if you want to stay home and if you have a loved one with you, but that person may not be able to meet your medical needs. Seniors often like this option if they want to stay in their own homes, but they need some assistance with medical needs or other daily tasks. Some seniors do not want to leave their homes, and now they do not have to.

Active Senior Housing

If you are still working or if you want to get out and about, this is a good option for you. This community is usually for people ages 55 and over. You will have an apartment, condo, or even a single-family home.

There are several programs on-site to keep your bust. You will be able to go to a gym for exercise, there are often pools, and there is often a cafeteria to have a meal and talk to people. These communities have activities scheduled for seniors and plenty of outings.  There is transportation provided to places in the community. These communities are designed to keep you active and busy.

Independent Living Facilities

These facilities will allow you to come and go as you please. You may need some medical care that will be offered on-site. There are different living options. You can get a place that allows you to have your privacy, and there are still facilities and services in this community. There are entertainment options and areas that you can go to socialize. You will be able to provide essential housekeeping services and lawn care. You will not have to worry about mowing the grass, raking leaves, or snow removal.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

These communities offer many different options. There may be independent living, and there may also be nursing home services. This is a way to transition a senior that needs more care. If you are active, you can still have your independence. If you need medical care, you can also get it in this type of community. These communities are not cheap and are often designed for those that are middle to upper income. The good thing is you can get the right level of care to meet your needs.

Congregational  Retirement Communities

These communities are often religious-based, and they follow some form of faith. Some popular beliefs in these communities are Lutheran, Baptist, and non-denominational churches. If you are not an active member of a church, you may need to do some research to find this type of community.  The community is based on providing church services, religious counseling, and even prayer during meal times. This is great if you are religious and want to be around others that share your views. There is not too much medical care provided, but it is useful if you are looking to be with other religious seniors.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home will provide skilled medical services. These homes often have registered nurses on staff that can provide additional medical care. They will often employ an occupational therapist that the residents can meet ith. A nursing home is an option if you have medical needs that require constant care. Some nursing homes will allow people as young as 55, and others will make you wait until you are 65 years old and have medical needs. Nursing homes are usually for people with chronic conditions and people that need daily medical attention. Most people are not as active, and some residents are receiving care for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other mental health issues.

Specialized Care Facilities

These facilities will provide medical care around the clock. You will be supervised based on your medical needs. There are different facilities based on health conditions.

  • Respite Care

These facilities are a short term option for a senior that may need adult day care services. They are often not full time and will provide care as needed. A person may be in respite care if their family member that takes care of them needs to be away for a couple of hours.

  • Adult Day Care 

This care is for seniors that need help when their caregiver is at work or is away during the day. There may be evening hours offered at some facilities. These facilities will provide primary care but are not able to handle those with complex medical needs. They will be able to watch a senior that may be a fall risk or can no longer be left on their own.

  • Memory Care Facilities

These facilities will help you or a family member that has dementia or Alzheimer’s and are dealing with degenerative brain issues and memory loss. These facilities have resources and treatments that will help slow the progression of these conditions. Seniors will be assisted with basic tasks, and they will even be reminded to take their medication.

  • Hospice Care

This care is for a senior that is near the end of their life. The concern is available at home or in another facility. Hospice care was designed to allow a person to pass with dignity and support. A hospice nurse can help them deal with pain, emotional distress, and even support the family members are they lose their loved ones. A hospice worker is available 24/7, and there are those on call in case of an emergency.

In addition to nurses, there are social workers, members of the clergy, doctors, and home health aides. They will also work together to provide the best possible care and allow a person to pass in dignity. These services are often used for six months or less depending on the diagnosis and how far along the terminal condition is. This service needs to be recommended by a doctor, and medication may need to be prescribed for the comfort of the patient.


These are some of the services that a senior can get as they age. Housing options are based on the specific needs of a senior and mobility. Senior living options near me will allow you to remain independent and get the medical care that you need. There are many options available so you and your family can find the type of facility that best fits your needs.

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