Skilled Nursing Facility Vs Nursing Home – You Choose

Nursing home and a skilled nursing facility will both provide care to those in need. There are some differences when it comes to a skilled nursing facility vs nursing home.

Skill Nursing Facility

A skilled nursing facility has licensed health professionals there to help their patients. They have a staff consisting of registered nursing, physical therapists, speech therapist, and occupational therapists. In addition to medical coverage, the skilled nursing facility will help with meal preparation and other non-medical care. Seniors use this center with more medical needs than average and those that may need rehabilitation services. People in need of rehabilitation can come to this Facility to get the post-care they need after leaving the hospital. All of the medical professionals at this Facility are working under the direction of a licensed doctor. The staff has their areas of specializations and can provide specific needs that a patient may have.

Nursing Home

Looking at the difference between a skilled nursing facility vs nursing home, there is a difference in the medical care that is provided. A nursing home will only offer primary medical care. They have certified nursing assistants on staff that can help with some primary care such as bathing and dressing. They can also help with meal preparation. There are no state-licensed medical practitioners on site. While the nursing assistant will need a certification, they do not have the license to diagnoses or develop treatment plans for the patient. The nursing home will assist those that need cleaning and daily care. Nursing homes will often become a long-time residence for an elder person. The difference between a skilled nursing facility vs a nursing home is that the skilled Facility will help a person recover and will then want to allow them to go home. This is designed to be a short term stay while a nursing home is designed for long term care.

Which Facility is needed

When looking if a loved one should go into a skilled nursing facility vs nursing home, some things need to be considered. There is one main difference that a person should look at. They need to look at the amount of medical attention that is necessary. If they need more intense care than the skilled Facility is the better option. The length of the stay is also going to play a role in which the Facility to select. The skilled nursing facility is designed for a short term to stay with a patient that is going to recover. The nursing home is designed for those that need help with daily tasks and is going to be there for the long term.


A skilled nursing facility vs a nursing home can be determined by the amount of care that a person needs. Both of these facilities will care for their patients and will help them deal with any limitations or medical complications they may face.

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skilled nursing facility vs nursing home you choose

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