What Does Medicare Parts A and B Cover?

Welcome, Medicare parts and b cover readers Elderly Authority. As a person becomes of age there covered under Medicare and wonder is it covered under the plan. One of the most common questions is, what does  Medicare parts A and B Cover? There are some general things that these coverage areas provide and can help a person make an informed decision if they would need additional health insurance coverage.

Medicare Part A

There are some basic options that Medicare Part A covers. They will cover the cost of inpatient care in a hospital.  A person will need to have at least a three-day stay and need a doctor to state that they require skilled nursing services for that to be covered. They will also cover the cost of a skilled nursing facility that comprises a more extended stay but does not cover custodial care.

A person should not expect to have regular nursing home stays hidden, and this will not cover monthly nursing home expenses if a person has to move into a nursing home for good. If a person is nearing the end of their life, they will be able to receive hospital care. This care is usually for a short term and will make a person more comfortable as they near death. It will also allow them to remain in their home.

This coverage will cover the cost of home health care. Home health care can have trained nursing aid come to the home and help a person with basic medical needs, daily care, and even light household tasks.  The home health aid can have essential living services, and they are not able to provide skilled nursing services in the home.

People usually do not pay a monthly premium for Part A covered under payroll tax. If a person has not worked for at least ten years, they may have a monthly premium.  Some people may need to pay a copay for some of these services. A person should speak to a caseworker to find out if they will need to pay anything towards their coverage.

Medicare Part B

This part of Medicare covers some basic medical necessities. If a person has a medical condition where they would need necessary supplies, they can get it through this insurance. These supplies include anything required to diagnose or treat the medical condition.

An example of this would be the flu shot. Shot are covered since getting it can prevent a person from getting the flu. Early treatment is best, and in most cases, a person will not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Some additional benefits covered under part B.  If a person is participating in medication or treatment that is for clinical research, they will not have to pay anything out of pocket.  Ambulance service covered if a person needs assistance. An ambulance can easily cost over $1,000, so under Part B, a person will not have to worry about the cost.  Medicare Part B covers durable medical equipment.

Mental health has become a big issue, and there are now ways that a person can get the coverage they need with Medicare. Mental health coverage is provided in the plan. If a person needs inpatient treatment, they can have their stay paid.  For those that want outpatient services such as visits with a therapist, they can get this service covered. They will need to make sure that their therapist accepts Medicare Part B.  This coverage will also cover particle hospitalization services for the patients.  Outpatient prescription drug aid helps people with mental health needs.

What Medicare Coverage Offers

Medicare service relies on federal and state regulations. When asking what does Medicare parts A and B cover, a person will need to check with their state government.  Also, national coverage that will tell a person what services are covered.  There are additional insurance options offered by Medicare that a person can add to their existing plan. Insurance coverage ensures they have enough insurance coverage.


When looking at what does Medicare parts A and B cover, for example, a person should check with their doctor. They may be able to have specific items covered under these insurances. If a person is not getting enough coverage with parts A and B, they can speak to someone about adding additional Medicare coverage options to their insurance.

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